2018 Speakers

Captain Robert “Hoot” Gibson

USN Retired, Fighter Pilot, Test Pilot, and Navy Astronaut

Gibson accomplished all this before joining Southwest Airlines as a Pilot in 1996. He flew 5 missions aboard the Space Shuttles CHALLENGER, COLUMBIA, ATLANTIS & ENDEAVOUR, once as Co-Pilot and 4 times as the Mission Commander. He was awarded numerous decorations including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Legion of Merit, the Air Medal, and the Vietnam Service Medal. He was inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 2003, the Long Island Air and Space Hall of Fame in 2011, the Spacecamp Hall of Fame in 2012, and was enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2013.

Cory Graff

Noted military aviation curator at FHCAM, historian and author

Graff has over 21 years’ experience working in aviation museums, creating exhibits, conducting historical research, and educating visitors.  He is the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum’s Military Aviation Curator.  In the past, he has worked at The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington, and collaborated with many other museums.  Graff is the author of ten books on various aviation and military history subjects.  He has written for Air & Space Smithsonian, Air Classics, Aloft Magazine, and Warbirds International.


Scott Slocum

President, Aero-Media Group

Flying Air to Air photo missions can be very rewarding but also dangerous and even expensive. Scott Slocum, one of the worlds premier warbird air to air photographers, will be discussing tips on how to get better photos while doing it safer and with greater predictability.

Dr. Susan Northrup, MD, MPH

Regional Flight Surgeon, FAA

An NWOC favorite, Susan will give attendees an overview of aero medical issues, focusing on keeping/maintaining FAA Medical certificates.

Lee Lauderback

President & CEO of Stallion 51

Initial and Recurrent Training in high performance warbird aircraft is essential to insure that the pilot is up to responding quickly and effectively to all situations that might occur while operating their aircraft. “When confronted with a crisis, you will not rise to the occasion; you will descend to the level of your training”.

Mike Collins

Technical Editor, AOPA Pilot magazine

Mike is a professional aviation journalist who has been covering ADS-B technology for almost 20 years. He will talk about the FAA’s approaching mandate for ADS-B Out—which will be required for flights after January 1, 2020, in airspace where a transponder is required today—and things to consider if you need to equip your warbird.

John Lohmar

Air Safety Investigations, LLC

Risk mitigation is at the heart of flight safety.  Poor risk perception causes the inability to correctly assess and manage risk.  John will talk about how we humans are often tricked into over estimating the impact of minor risks while entirely missing other very real hazards. Good flight discipline can mitigate risk in advance.

Jack Harrington

FAA Regulatory Compliance

This session will review what an airman who is facing an FAR violation investigation should expect, and actions to undertake in response to the investigation. It will outline the FAA enforcement process, the airman’s rights and obligations, as well as strategies to mitigate potential certificate action or civil penalties. Further, participants will receive an update on the Pilot’s Bill of Rights legislation.

Sean Elliott

EAA Vice President of Advocacy & Safety

Sean will cover ATC privatization, potential rulemaking affecting Experimental aircraft (including exhibition), fuels, and operating limitations FAA policy.

Colonel Joe McPhail


Colonel Joe McPhail, USMC/Ret, WWII fighter pilot, flew with VMF-323 “Death Rattlers’ and VMF – 214 “Blacksheep” Squadron will share a few of his exploits with us before dinner.

Sam Graves

US Congressman

Sam will give us the latest updates from Washington DC regarding current developments that affect our industry.